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Eddie Taught His Son a Lesson With Baloney Sandwiches

Eddie the dad was back in full force this morning on The Bobby Bones Show when he told a story about his son.

In recent months, Eddie's son's grades have been falling. Eddie has been telling him that he needs to get them back up and really focus on his studies. However, his son kept ignoring his dad's requests. Eddie admitted he had enough of his son not taking his school work seriously. He decided to punish him in a different way than usual because his normal tactics weren't working.

Eddie told his son that he needs to understand why his grades are so important and how they impact one's life. So Eddie decided to take away the pizza nights and delicious food his son has been eating and told him that he has to eat baloney sandwiches for this entire week. Once his son comes back with a good grade, hopefully on his finals this week, he can start eating his usual food again. The baloney sandwiches aren't allowed to have anything besides bread and baloney on them. The show thought it was a bit rough for a punishment, but Eddie is hoping the lesson will help his son start taking his education more seriously moving forward.