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The Bobby Bones Show's Annual Christmas Gift Exchange Went Down

The annual Bobby Bones Show gift exchange went down this morning (December 17), and it was absolutely chaos per usual. The theme of this year was "Mystery Box Christmas" where the show had to get their chosen person a gift worth $50. Once the gift was given, the show member could either keep their gift or give the gift to Bobby and take one of the mystery boxes. Bobby and Mike D were the only two people who weren't able to take the mystery boxes because they knew what was in them.

Bobby got a gift from Scuba Steve, but it's currently on a shipping container somewhere and he wouldn't reveal the actual gift. Amy got a gift from Eddie, which was a bird feeder and a pet licki. She opted to go for a mystery box, and got herself a $100 Visa gift card. Then it was Eddie, who got a gift from Mike D that turned out to be a vintage Cowboys championship hat and coffee from Costa Rica. Eddie opted for a mystery box where he got a chance to spin the wheel for a possible $500. He ended up only getting $1. Lunchbox was gifted a bidet from Raymundo, but he ended up choosing one of the mystery boxes. He ended up with two applesauces and a My Little Pony marker after going back and forth lots with Bobby.

Morgan received her gift from Bobby, which was a sweatshirt from Crue and she opted to keep it. Raymundo got a gift from Morgan and it was a neon sign that says "SZN," which he also opted to keep. Mike D was gifted several movie items from Abby, including a movie blanket, a t-shirt that says "quietly judging your taste in movies," and dinner & a movie dice. Scuba Steve got a gift from Amy, which included protein bars and new Jordan slides. Abby got a gift from Lunchbox that was a book called Singing for Dummies. She opted for a mystery box and then opted to take a deal from Bobby, getting her $97 in gift cards.

Some of the additional mystery boxes were given out by playing Blank Slate and rolling the dice. Scuba Steve won a round and got a $50 gift card, Amy won a $50 Target gift card, Eddie, Raymundo, and Abby all won $50 visa gift cards.