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Recovery. Disordered Eating Triggers. What Is Your Lie. Ending Food Guilt.

FIRST THING: Amy and her sister Cristi {@cristidozier} talk about Amy’s recovery from her disordered eating. Cristi shares her perspective from watching Amy’s struggle with this and how much change and growth she has seen in her. 

SECOND THING: Amy shares an Instagram post from Jeniffer Rollins {@jennifer_Rollin} about the triggers that can cause an eating disorder or disordered eating. 

THIRD THING: What is a lie that goes through your head? Cristi shares a journal exercise that she worked through and how much this practice has affected her. They get into how and why their personal lies began. 

FOURTH THING: Lisa Hayim {@thewellnecessities} posted a blog about the 9 ways to help end food guilt and Amy shares these awesome tips with you! 

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