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Bobby Bones Shared Stories From Hosting CBS’ New Year’s Eve Show

Bobby Bones hosted CBS' first ever New Year's Eve show from Nashville. He rang in 2022 with the help of several country music stars and co-host Rachel Smith.

During The Bobby Bones Show this morning (January 4), Bones answered questions from Raymundo about the NYE show and his involvement. The show featured several performances across Nashville, Tennessee and Bones admitted that not all of the performances were live. Some were and some weren't due to COVID. The production team wasn't sure what they would be able to do come December 31st with possibly new restrictions, so anything that was done inside places was pre-recorded a few months out. Bones noted that anything done on the big stage was definitely live. Fans even caught at a few points in the show he was wearing two different wedding rings.

There were several artists who had to cancel their appearances for the evening due to COVID, so Bones did a lot of things on the show with Dierks Bentley. During the show, Bones also made sure to honor Betty White who passed away on New Year's Eve. He also confessed his mantra for 2022, which is to "not get cancelled." One thing Bones said that he and his co-host Smith weren't supposed to do was bring their spouses on stage. However, they decided to do it anyway which is when fans saw Bones' wife Caitlin on stage, as well as Smith's husband.

One of the last things, Bones made sure to do is something Eddie asked him to make happen. Eddie texted him, asking him to include the word "FRIYAY" during the live show. Bones managed to include the word right before the ball dropped. Bones also noted that for the network's first ever NYE show, the ratings were really good.