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TMSG: Puppies Found in Zipped Bag, Adopted by Officers Who Rescued Them

Police officers from the Tulsa Police Department were called to a QuickTrip gas station after someone left a zipped up duffle bag on the counter.

On Christmas night, four police officers showed up to the QuickTrip and found that someone left 5 puppies in the zipped up duffel bag. According to Tulsa Police Department's Facebook post, the officers were "overwhelmed with Christmas feelings," and 4 of the officers immediately adopted 4 of the puppies with the 5th puppy going home with a QuickTrip employee.

Also in the Facebook Post were photos of Officers Cordova, Pashley, Perry, and Johns posing with the rescued pups. The page also shared an update from the officers noting that the puppies are "growing fast and doing great."

Photo: Getty Images