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Bobby Scratched Lottery Ticket and Won Some Big Money

Phone Screener Abby gave Bobby Bones a Christmas gift before the holiday break, which included a scratch-off lottery ticket.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (January 6), Bones decided to scratch-off the lottery ticket while on air. While scratching the main part of the ticket, Bones didn't win anything. However, he did score two jumbo sections on the ticket. Those two jumbo sections each had $50 under it. So the gifted lottery ticket was actually a big winner. Bones won $100 off of the lottery ticket he received as a gift from Abby.

He didn't want to keep it so he told Abby he would gift it back to her, for her to cash in. She refused since it was his Christmas gift, and so he decided to roll the dice to see if one of the show members could win it from him. When the dice was rolled, it didn't land on anyone's number so Bones kept it.