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Here’s the eBay Listing for Bobby’s Kangaroo Beanie Baby

Bobby Bones' Beanie Babies collection has officially continued on into 2022.

Last we heard in 2021, Raymundo was set to put up the special Beanie Babies for sell online. However, he hasn't had anyone really biding on them. So when a listener called into The Bobby Bones Show this week asking for one of the Beanie Babies, Bones started giving them away again. When he was set to giveaway the Kangaroo with a joey Beanie Baby, Lunchbox found that, that particular Beanie Baby was going for big money online. So Bones kept it and asked Mike D to put it on eBay.

After dealing with some issues with eBay when the Beanie Baby was up on a high bid, Mike D had to repost the Beanie Baby and now it is currently sitting at $102.50 (at the time of writing this). Bones noted that for whatever money the Beanie Baby makes, he will donate it all to the animal non-profit Wags & Walks Nashville.