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Maren Morris Details Geeking Out Over Meeting Amy Poehler

Maren Morris is already planning for a busy 2022. She released a new song "Circles Around This Town" today and stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to discuss her new music.

The new song was written by Morris, her husband Ryan Hurd, Julia Michaels, and Jimmy Robins. They wrote the song at Jimmy's place and Morris noted it was her first time writing with Michaels. She wanted to come prepared so she had the title "Circles Around This Town" already in her head. At the beginning of the write, everyone in the room decided the song they wrote would be for Morris to record. She didn't want them to do that, but now she's glad they pushed her in the direction, because they were right. The song chronicles Morris' journey from Texas to Nashville to become a songwriter. Morris confessed it ended up being one of her favorite songs to kick off her new record. Also adding that it's the most specific autobiographical song in her entire repertoire.

When it comes to her story of moving from Texas to Nashville, Morris shared that she was saving money being a receptionist at her parent's hair salon. She finally decided to make the move to Nashville and had to put herself out there by going to shows by herself. That's how she made friends and other people with similar passions to do co-writes. From there, Morris shared her strategy for her career was to "underplay everything." She never went into a room talking a big game or assuming people knew who she was. Morris knew the music scene in Nashville was about respect and understanding that there are so many talented people in town. To this day, Morris keeps the motto of "don't oversell."

For 2022, Morris may have a lot of things going on, but one thing she hopes not to do is fall on stage. She admitted she's had close calls with chords and wearing heels. When discussing some random topics, Morris said the weirdest thing in her closet is all of her fake hair. She added that her husband Hurd is so curious and all weirded out by the hair. As far as the wildest thing she's ever done, Morris said it was definitely getting in a fighter jet with The Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds reached out to Morris last summer and she trained with them to go up in the sky. They went up to 5Gs, but Morris admitted knowing what she knows now, she probably would have backed out and is definitely not doing it again. Thankfully she didn't throw up or pass out, and some of the Thunderbirds said it was likely because she's short as shorter women fair better with gravitational force. Morris compared the experience to riding the G-Force rollercoaster at Six Flags, adding that it was a very claustrophobic situation.

Another exciting thing that happened in Morris' life recently was meeting Amy Poehler. She was at The Beatles Documentary party that just came out on Disney+, Morris' producer Greg was playing at it. However, Morris and her manager decided to leave early and it just so happened that Poehler and her manager decided to as well. So they were all at coat check waiting and Morris decided to go up to Poehler. Morris recalled that she told Poehler she didn't want to bother her, but she was a huge fan of hers and all of her work. Poehler turned to Morris saying she knew who she was and loved her work with The Highwomen. They took a photo together and Morris said she had tears during the photo.

"Circles Around This Town" is just the first taste of new music from Morris. She is an "album girl" and admitted to Bobby Bones that she likes making full records. This song is just the first to start off her new project. With it being 3 years since she put out new music, Morris feels like this song is the best first chapter to kick things off.