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TMSG: Teacher Donates Car to Mayfield Tornado Survivor

A survivor of the tornado that hit Mayfield, Kentucky and its candle factory has a new ride thanks to a stranger in the same state.

When the tornado hit the candle factory in Mayfield and caused it to collapse, Rebecca Marsala was trapped for five hours before being rescued. She spent several days recovering in the hospital afterwards. When the tornado hit, she also lost her car.

Sharon Sutherland is a teacher in Anderson County, about 4 hours from Mayfield, and contacted her Sheriff's department to let them know she had a car and wanted to donate it to someone impacted by the tornado that hit. Anderson County Sheriff Joe Milam then contacted Sheriff Jon Hayden who was able to connect Sutherland with Marsala.

Sutherland drove her car 4 hours to Mayfield to sign over the title and hand the keys to Marsala herself.

Photo: Getty Images