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Lunchbox Tries to Find Babysitter for Himself

Lunchbox's prank calls always bring a good laugh to the Bobby Bones Show, and today was no exception.

He did two prank calls. The first one, he called a gym as "Buff Bill" stating that he wanted to reserve gym equipment to make sure none of the New Year newbies came in and took it from him. He used some different names to get his point across, and the employee tolerated his questions for awhile. However, eventually she said "I'm done" and hung up on him.

The second prank call was to a babysitter program. Lunchbox was calling them to see if he could hire a babysitter for himself. He asked typical questions at first, then the employee started hearing his questions more clearly that he was asking for a babysitter for himself. She asked him if it was a sexual thing, and Lunchbox said no, he just wanted to be taken care of like a child. The employee called him creepy and told Lunchbox they don't do that, and then hung up on him.