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Bobby Bones Shares Interesting Facts About Bob Saget

Confirmed yesterday, Comedian and Full House star Bob Saget has died at the age of 65. Family, friends, and fans of Saget alike are mourning the unexpected loss.

Bobby Bones was one of those fans mourning the loss of everyone's favorite TV dad. He shared via his Instagram two interesting facts about Saget and his career. In 1979, Saget was on TV as a contestant of The Dating Game, and he won the show.

With Full House, the TV show where Saget won the hearts of millions, he originally wasn't cast as Danny Tanner for the first pilot. The producers of Full House wanted Saget to be Danny Tanner, but he couldn't do it because he was on another show on CBS called The Morning Show as a correspondant. So they ended up doing a whole pilot with actor John Posey, and Posey got the job as Danny Tanner. After the pilot, Saget made himself available to do Full House, so the producers fired Posey and moved forward with Full House with Saget as Danny Tanner.

Rest in Peace, Bob Saget.

Photo: Getty Images