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Someone Thought Lunchbox Was a Person Experiencing Homelessness

Lunchbox recently had to deal with a flat tire on his way to work and someone thought he was experiencing homelessness.

He got his Altima to a gas station nearby and was waiting for someone from work to come pick him up. While he was waiting, he was standing outside with his hoodie and backpack on. A truck rolled up and handed him $3 and told Lunchbox that hopefully this will help him get some food. Lunchbox wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but he was really embarrassed the guy thought he was experiencing homelessness. Despite not actually being homeless, Lunchbox took and kept the $3 because he didn't want to explain to the guy that he wasn't homeless.

When talking about the situation to The Bobby Bones Show today (January 10), Lunchbox didn't feel bad for keeping the $3, because he's still really embarrassed about the whole thing.