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Some Easy Ways to Save Money Quickly

Recently, listeners have been calling into The Bobby Bones Show asking for advice on how to save money for upcoming things. Yesterday (January 10), a listener asked for some tips on how to save up for the big wedding she wants to have. Eddie shared some tips from him and his wife on getting out of debt.

Today (January 11), Amy shared a post she saw on Instagram from Rachel Cruze. She detailed some baby steps to help people start an emergency fund or even just save money. Here are some of the ways the show discussed, but be sure to check out Rachel Cruze's full Instagram post above.

  1. Brew your own coffee.
  2. Implement a 24-hour rule before any BIG purchase.
  3. Order water only at restaurants.
  4. Selling kids clothes at consignment stores.
  5. Purchase gift cards at places like Kroger where you'll get gas points.

Photo: Getty Images