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Bobby Shared the Show Member’s Celebrity Lookalikes

When talking on The Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones often asks people to describe the person they're talking about. He wants them to describe what celebrity the person closely resembles.

Most people have a hard time coming up with a celebrity on the spot. However, Bones revealed the reason he asks that is so people can visualize something through the radio. He also added that he's really good at matching people up with their celebrity lookalikes. A listener called in to the show then asking Bones to help those who don't know what our show members look like by sharing their celebrity lookalikes.

We have to say, Bones pretty much nailed every single one. The show helped out when it came to Bones' celebrity lookalike, and we nailed that too.

Bobby's celebrity lookalike is Michael C. Hall.

Amy's celebrity lookalike is Keri Russell.

Eddie's celebrity lookalike is Michael Peña.

Lunchbox's celebrity lookalike is Doug Funnie.

Morgan's celebrity lookalike is Brie Larson.

Raymundo's celebrity lookalike is Mark Ruffalo.