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Granger Smith Is Working on New Music & Song for a Movie Soundtrack

Granger Smith is going into 2022 strong with a lot of new projects. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new radio show and when we can expect new music from Smith or Earl Dibbles Jr.

Smith originally thought 2022 was going to be light, but he's got several projects in the works. Fans of Smith have been hearing him via podcast for a long time, but now they can catch him from Midnight to 6 a.m. every week night on After Midnight. He shared that Premiere Networks called to ask if he'd be interested in something like this, but it took his brother/manager Tyler to convince Smith that they were actually asking him to do it. Of course, Smith said yes and he's been doing it since the new year started. He admitted the radio is very different for him compared to doing his podcast or other projects. With most things he's done, Smith typically gets an instant reaction whether good or bad. With the radio show, it's the polar opposite where he's not sure if people are even listening. So far Smith has only interviewed one fellow country artist, Maren Morris. He has tried to make his interviews different than other shows by asking them questions the truckers, night time mothers, and third-shift workers want to hear since that is his target audience.

Even though he's doing a whole radio show now, Smith has still been working on new music. He told his wife the other day he is "low key making an album right now." Some breaking news from Smith, he shared for the first time that when we hear new music from him soon, it will be a song that's part of a soundtrack for a movie. As for creating content with Earl Dibbles Jr, Smith admitted he hasn't been doing as much with his alter ego because he doesn't have the time. Smith loves making stuff with Earl, but it's a matter of having time and being able to come up with new content.

As for the whole workout situation between Smith and Kane Brown, Smith admitted he's not sure what's happening with all of that. Brown recently shared in some interviews that Smith was his inspiration behind getting fit and some news articles were seemingly pitting them against each other to see who would be dubbed "the fittest in country music." Smith said there was never a conversation with Brown about getting fit, but it's possible when they were on tour he saw Earl out rocking his overalls and big muscles. Smith is still working out heavily, during the pandemic he built a gym in his barn. Despite not having any air conditioning or heat, Smith loves going to work out in his barn over going to public gyms now. He admits it makes him feel like he's in Rocky IV.