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Lunchbox Attempts to Name Mystery Guest for $50

Lunchbox has really been trying to win some money on The Bobby Bones Show lately, but he hasn't had any luck. Bobby Bones gave him another chance today (January 14) to win $50 if Lunchbox could name the mystery celebrity on the phone.

The rules of the game were simple: It starts at $50, but for every question Lunchbox asks to find out information about the mystery celebrity, he gets $10 off. At any point of the game, he could make a guess. After getting the money down to just $5, Lunchbox finally decided to guess Kip Moore. Although he was correct that it was a country singer, Lunchbox guessed the wrong country singer and didn't win any money.

The mystery celebrity was actually Dustin Lynch. Bones brought him on the show not just to have Lunchbox play a guessing game, but to also congratulate Lynch on his collaboration with Mackenzie Porter "Thinking 'Bout You" spending 6 weeks at number 1 on country radio. Lynch shared that for years, they were working on this song and trying to determine when they were going to put out the song. Originally they had on Lauren Alaina on it as the other voice, but it didn't work out with either of their release schedules. Now, Lynch is saying all of the waiting and figuring things out was happening for a reason.

For fans waiting for new music, Lynch shared he has already finished his new album. He was working hard on songwriting in 2020, and now his album is finished and turned in. It's only a matter of time before the new music starts dropping.