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Someone Had to Eat a Hot Dog Flavored Candy Cane

The Bobby Bones Show studio started smelling after today's (January 13) spin the wheel challenge. Someone had to eat an entire hot dog flavored candy cane.

On the practice spin, Raymundo was chosen. Fortunately for him it was just a practice spin so when Bobby spun the wheel again, it actually landed on Eddie. Eddie was cheering on Lunchbox to get chosen by the wheel again, but as Amy put it, Eddie's been winning all the time so he won the spin the wheel too!

While eating the hot dog flavored candy cane, Eddie first said it tasted like meat. Then he said it tasted like peppermint, only to end up saying it actually tastes like wet dog food. He admitted the entire candy cane was disgusting, he just tried to eat it as fast as he could. He was able to finish it in an hour, but didn't end up feeling great afterwards.