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TMSG: Missing Texas Dog Found Safe in Indiana 3 Years Later

Daisy the dog had been missing from her family in Texas for 3 years, but recently she showed back up in a crazy place.

Tiffany Clay was at home in Marion, Indiana when Daisy walked up to the back door of her house. Clay took Daisy to the vet to see if she was microchipped and found out Daisy was actually missing from Houston, Texas. Daisy's owner Katrina Skelton got the phone call that her dog was all the way in Indiana.

Skelton and her partner immediately decided to drive 16-hours to Indiana to pick up their long lost pup. Skelton told local ABC news affiliate, "She was our first baby. We had her before we had our kids, so we missed her a lot." Daisy's owners have no idea how she made it all the way to Indiana, but they always had a feeling she was OK.

Now Daisy really is ok because she's finally reunited with her true owners.

Photo: Getty Images