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Mike D’s Family Had to Pay Cartel in Mexico

Mike D has family that lives in Texas and in Mexico.

Recently, his family in Texas went down to Mexico for Mike D's grandmother's 90th birthday. They decided to take a bus from Texas to Mexico, it was going to be an 18-hour bus ride. After they crossed the border into Mexico, the driver of the bus said to all of the passengers, "We need to raise $360 so we don't get stopped, you know who it's going to." According to Mike, the Cartel often stops buses and takes all of the valuables from the riders. So Mike D assumes a deal was made with bus drivers and the Cartel to get money in exchange for not being stopped.

After Mike D's family paid the bus driver the money, he noted that the bus never stopped to give anyone the money. He said it's possible the driver signals someone on the road to say the bus has been paid and the money is given to the cartel afterward.