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Amy & Her Husband Want to Chaperone Daughter’s First Dance

Amy's 14-year-old daughter Stachira is about to have her very first school dance. And now surrounding the dance is some controversy that was discussed on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (January 18).

Most school dances need chaperones and sometimes that comes in the form of parents. Normally the school reaches out if they need the parents to volunteer as chaperones. However before that happened, Amy and her husband decided to reach out to the school themselves to find out if they needed any volunteers. They were willing to be chaperones for the school dance, however they didn't ask her daughter before asking the school.

Bobby and Lunchbox told Amy that her daughter was going to be embarrassed if they showed up to her dance, especially if she planned to have her first dance with a guy. On the other hand, Eddie thought it was a pretty good idea to be a chaperone for the first dance so that she could spy on her daughter. Besides the show's opinions, several listeners called in mostly telling Amy not to chaperone. Others told Amy to at least ask her daughter what she wants before doing anything, and if her daughter says not to chaperone then Amy shouldn't.