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Lunchbox Thinks His Mother-In-Law Was Flirting With Him

For years, Lunchbox believed that his mother-in-law has been interested in him. The Bobby Bones Show has never quite agreed with him on the topic, but the show has been intrigued by the interactions between Lunchbox and his mother-in-law.

Recently, Lunchbox's mother-in-law celebrated her birthday. Lunchbox's wife told him to text her "Happy Birthday." So when Lunchbox texted his mother-in-law, he said "Happy Birthday to the best mother-in-law in my life." He said he sent that specific text because she is the only MIL in his life. His MIL responded to him by saying "Thank you. That means a lot especially from you. 😊" After getting that text, Lunchbox said the emoji is what made him think she was flirting with him particularly after she said "especially from you."

The show isn't convinced. They think she was just being nice to him.