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Eddie Made His Kids Pay Him After Losing Their New Snow Gloves

Eddie The Dad loves sharing stories about his big family of 4 boys. Most of the time it is heartwarming stories or things he's proud of, like the recent story of his son and the person living with homelessness.

However today's story Eddie shared on The Bobby Bones Show was another one of his punishments. Eddie recently purchased four new sets of snow gloves because Nashville keeps getting snow/cold weather. Each set of gloves cost $20 a piece. He told his boys that if they lost their gloves, even if it was just 1 of the 2, then they would need to pay dad to replace them. He noted that his sons do get allowance, however there is not a set amount day to day or week to week. Eddie and his wife just give the boys allowance whenever they're helpful around the house or fulfill certain responsibilities.

As it turns out, two of Eddie's sons lost a glove. So Eddie kept his promise to make them pay, and his boys paid up for the lost gloves. Eddie plans to use that money to buy them new gloves.