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TMSG: Morgan & Her Dog Remi Visit 30+ Elderly Residents For Therapy Visit

During The Bobby Bones Show today (January 20), Morgan shared a personal 'Tell Me Something Good' story about her dog Remi.

Morgan and Remi became a therapy animal team in late 2021. They went through a 6 week training course and then an extensive evaluation. They passed everything with flying colors due to Remi's love for humans. Their therapy animal certification allows them to go to hospitals, retirement homes, schools, or any other place that welcomes therapy dogs for interaction opportunities.

Over the weekend, Morgan and Remi went to a retirement home for the first time. It was "National Dress Your Pet Day," so Morgan purchased a toddler dress from the children's section at Target and cut it up so it would fit on Remi. Then the two of them went to the retirement home and visited with over 30 different elderly residents. Morgan noted that several of them had difficulty remembering things, but their faces would light up when they saw and got to pet Remi. She would remind them of pets they used to have and they would share those stories. Morgan also recalled that one of the residents wasn't able to speak very well, so Remi and that resident "held paws" for over 5 minutes.

The entire experience was "heartwarming and heartbreaking" at the same time. Morgan said it was amazing to see the joy in the residents faces, but also hard knowing they could be alone or didn't have much of their memory left.