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Morning Habits. Mini Book Club. Teen Slang. The Pod Club.

Amy’s sister, @CristiDozier, joined for the first 3 things!! FIRST THING: Amy shared a list of morning habits that doctors & psychologists wish we would do and then asked Cristi to share her morning routine!! From making our beds to practicing gratitude…what is something you do every morning that sets your day up for success?? SECOND THING: Cristi is obsessed with Donald Miller’s new book: Hero on a Mission so she gave her little pitch on WHY we all need to read it (or listen to it) ASAP. Amy then recommended Katie Couric’s book: Going There. It’s inspiring her to think about certain dreams/goals and giving herself permission to explore them at 40-years-old. THIRD THING: Parent’s Magazine put out a list of “teen slang,” so Amy gave Cristi a quiz to see if she’s up to speed on communicating with her 4 kids. FOURTH THING: Amy’s friend, Jo Piazza, is back on to talk about her new podcast: The Pod Club. It’s a new weekly show bringing recommendations from podcast insiders on what you should be listening to next. There are more podcasts than ever and we are your podcast obsessed best friend who listens to everything out there to recommend exactly what you want in your ears. 




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