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Amy Shares Adorable Video of Lipstick Situation With Her Daughter & Cat

Amy shared an adorable video her daughter Stachira and their cat Maggie on Instagram this week.

On The Bobby Bones Show this week, Amy shared that her daughter's first dance is coming up. There was some controversy because Amy and her husband want to chaperone the dance. Besides the controversial conversations, Amy also shared a video on Instagram of her daughter trying out lipstick for the first time for the dance.

Stachira texted a video to her mom where she's wearing a bright shade of lipstick while holding their cat Maggie who also has some red lipstick on her whiskers. Amy's caption on the Instagram video read, "Stachira texted me this video and I am more concerned about the lipstick on her face than the cat's. But I guess she is 14 and that's when I started with some make-up but STOP GROWING. ugh. What age did you start wearing make-up???"