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Bobby Bones Shares Worries He Has About Parenthood

During The Bobby Bones Show today (January 20), the show was discussing a recent list that came out about the most rewarding things in life. Both Amy and Eddie shared that the most rewarding thing in their life is their kids/becoming a parent. Their response spun a conversation with Bobby Bones about parenthood.

Bones asked the question if he's missing out by not becoming a parent. He added that he won't be a parent before the age of 42 because his wife is not pregnant right now, but maybe that will happen when he's at the age of 43. Bones admitted that he thinks he will be a bad parent for two reasons. The first being that he didn't have good parent rule models as a child; his dad left, his mom was in and out, and his grandmother adopted him for awhile. The second being that he's been doing him for so long, and he's been so dedicated to his job. Adding that if he has a kid and he's bad at being a parent, then he will lose the one thing he's good at (his job) and then he loses in both lanes.

When asking Amy, Eddie, and Scuba Steve about their thoughts they all shared some different things. Amy shared that for her, especially through the whole adoption process, her kids have shown her things about herself that she never realized. Eddie believes that Bones will be a good parent because he didn't have good examples during childhood. He says it will give Bones the drive to not be the same way as his parents. Scuba shared similar thoughts to Eddie in that Bones can do the exact opposite of what his parents did. Scuba added that Bones may experience a yearning to give his child the life that he didn't have