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Neighbor Told Lunchbox He Needed to Take Down Christmas Decorations

Lunchbox was recently outside of his home when one of his neighbors approached. Lunchbox and his family have had their outdoor Christmas decorations up well past Christmas and apparently that's not good for the neighborhood.

The neighbor approached Lunchbox letting him know that he's the only one in his neighborhood that has his Christmas lights still up. Lunchbox shared that he has kids, it's been snowing, and he has a job, so he really hasn't had the time. The neighbor responded saying that Lunchbox is "just burning the kilowatts" and "there's an energy shortage" right now. He added that he was "just thinking of him."

Lunchbox responded back sarcastically with a few things, one of them being that the neighbor could come over and take the lights down himself. The neighbor didn't want any part of that. Throughout the whole conversation Lunchbox recorded, we can hear his annoyance with his neighbor. Despite his very sarcastic responses, Lunchbox took the whole situation pretty well considering what happened.