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Bryan Swanson Answers Homeowners FAQs About Animal Removal

Bryan Swanson of Complete Animal Removal was on an episode of Breaking Bobby Bones to share his career in detail. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (January 24) to talk about his carer and answer the show's questions.

Swanson has been in animal removal services for several years now and has extensive knowledge and experience with wildlife. He's had some interesting things happen to him. He has been bitten by some opossums, but added that it's the one animal that's actually quite friendly and just gets a bad reputation. They often look aggressive and scary, but they're really not that bad. One time Swanson was bitten by a Burmese python and that was actually pretty bad. He was called out for the snake because it was loose in an apartment complex and found it behind a dryer. Swanson has been sprayed by a skunk. He shared that on Sundays he goes out and does all of the animal trap calls. He was with his wife, who was 9 months pregnant at the time, when he got a call about a skunk and its 8 babies who were captured in a trap. They went out to the location and Swanson got everything handled. He thought he had walked away without being sprayed, but his wife told him otherwise. He confessed it took days to get the stink to go away, though he does have several different products he uses to assist in situations like that. One time Swanson did have to do a bear removal, he shared the hilarious story of a woman who thought there was a bear trapped in her bedroom. When Swanson went out at 2:00 a.m. he searched the room for an hour and finally found a stuffed teddy bear with the batteries going out. He didn't charge the woman because he felt bad about the whole situation.

As for some tips for homeowners on wildlife situations, Swanson answered several of the show's questions. The best way to prevent wildlife from getting into one's home is making sure there are no gaps in the roof, holes underneath AC units, and no holes in ground vent screens. He suggests not handling wildlife personally and calling experts in because they can get aggressive, especially if they're protecting babies. When asked about mole issues in the backyard, he admitted that a lot of people attempt using the vibrating stakes in the ground, but they don't actually work. So calling in experts to remove the moles is the best case scenario. There are some smaller wildlife that can get between walls and live within it, while wildlife may get in and not survive. When talking about armadillos, Swanson shared that the likelihood of an armadillo hurting a human is slim, but they do carry leprosy and can jump really high so best not to handle personally. For anyone who is concerned about what happens to the animals after being removed from a residence, Swanson shared that his company is very humane. They catch and release all wildlife. There have been a few occasions with snakes where Swanson kept them on hand for educational shows, but that's not the case for any other wildlife they've captured.