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Mike D Gets Pokémon Collection Appraised By Dr. Lori V

After months of waiting, Mike D's Pokémon Collection has finally been appraised by Dr. Lori. In 2021, The Bobby Bones Show had on Dr. Lori on to appraise Bobby Bones' newly owned Beanie Babies collection after purchasing it from Raymundo.

Today (January 14) Dr. Lori came on the show to talk about Mike D's Pokémon Collection. Mike D has an an entire books worth of Pokémon cards, they are in pristine condition as he has them covered in plastic folders inside a Pokémon designed binder. Dr. Lori looked at several of his cards, and before getting into the details she said he was smart in not selling his entire collection to Bones for $350 when he made the offer. She also added that Pokémon cards are very complex. One of them was sold for $347,000 because it was an illustrator card. There were only a few of those cards made and it was sold by 1 of the 4 guys that developed the game.

Mike D's collection has a few Pikachu cards in it. One of them is a promotional card that features Pikachu from the first Pokémon movie, it's a limited edition card. Dr. Lori said if Mike D wants to be buried with one card, this is the one. It has all of the different symbols and things people are looking for. This particular card is worth $500 right now, and will increase in value over time so long as he keeps it in pristine condition. The other two Pikachu cards in Mike D's collection aren't worth as much as the limited edition one, but he could still make a couple hundred dollars off of them.

Also in Mike D's collection is two Mew cards. He shared that he got these particular cards for free. So even more exciting when Dr. Lori shared those cards are important in his collection as they are promotional cards, and they have shadows. Each one could be sold for around $450. Some other cards in Mike D's collection aren't worth as much, but he has several that could be sold from anywhere between $5 to $85 a piece. He has a Slowpoke card worth about $40, some Japanese cards worth between $50-$85.

Dr. Lori concluded the evaluation by estimating that Mike D's Pokémon collection is currently sitting around $2,500. Adding once more that he made the smart decision in not selling to Bones for only $350.