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These Are the Things Bobby Would Make Happen if He Goes Into Politics

Photo: Zack Massey

During The Bobby Bones Show today, Bobby Bones was sharing the news story about a high schooler's petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday nearing 100,000 signatures.

The news story spun into a conversation about the things Bones would change if he ever was in office. He agreed with the high schooler that the Super Bowl should move to Saturday, or the Super Bowl needs to be a federal holiday and everyone gets Monday off. Bones continued sharing some other things that he would change about some laws surrounding holidays and construction.

  • No more Daylight Savings Time
  • Moving Halloween to a Saturday
  • Moving Super Bowl to a Saturday
  • Having road construction only happen at night.

Of course these are only minor things Bones would change, he didn't elaborate on any other things he would want to change if he was in office.