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After Spinning the Wheel, Someone Has to Test Out Men’s Lace Boxer

Japanese Company Wacoal created lace boxer briefs for men. The company has been known for constantly adapting their products to keep them in line with the changing times.

In November last year, Wacoal first tested the waters with the lace boxer by offering it as a potential product on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake in November. They smashed their funding goal earning 3.27 million yen ($28,578.92). Because of the demand for the product, they went into production with 7 different colors.

None of the Bobby Bones Show guys were willing to test out the product for fun, so the wheel got brought out with all of their names on it. When Bobby Bones spun the wheel, it landed on Eddie. Once the lace boxer comes back in stock, Eddie will have to wear a pair to test it out and report back to the show.