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Eddie Admitted He’s Been “Cheating the System” at Home Recently

Eddie's wife was a stay-at-home mom for several years, but recently she started a new job and it shook things up at his house. Now Eddie's had to help out with more day-to-day things, specifically the laundry.

As most people do, Eddie hates doing the laundry especially with 6 people in the household. So in the last two weeks, he admitted on The Bobby Bones Show that he's been cheating the system. His kids normally come home from school and immediately take off their clothes to be washed. Instead of washing them, Eddie does a smell test, shakes out the wrinkles if he needs to, and then hangs them back up if they're good to go instead of washing them every single time.

His kids haven't picked up on anything, they still think they're wearing just washed clothes every day to school. Eddie shared that it's saved him hours of laundry. It has also taught him to appreciate what his wife was doing for the past 16 years. He added that he recently apologized to her for never doing the laundry because it is hard work.