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Eddie Tests Out Viral TikTok for Falling Asleep in 2 Minutes

TikTok user Justin Agustin shared a video about a sleeping technique and its since been viewed over 5 million times.

In the video, Agustin demonstrated the technique to help people fall asleep faster. Some people attributed the sleep technique to the military. The first step is to relax the forehead and the face. Then you continue by relaxing your shoulders, arms, and chest while focusing on your breathing. You continue working your way down your body to your legs, knees, and feet.

While doing this, you picture a relaxing scenario. If your mind starts to wander, you are supposed to repeat the phrase "don't think" for 10 seconds. It's said that if you follow this technique, people will fall asleep within two minutes.

Eddie tested it out on The Bobby Bones Show today (January 25) and it didn't go as planned. After about a minute and a half of Bobby sharing the instructions to Eddie, he started snoring. However, Eddie was faking it. He didn't actually fall asleep, but that could have something to do with the fact he was in studio in front of all of the show members.