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Lunchbox Called TSA to Defend Wife After Situation

On the way back from the Sore Losers convention in Las Vegas, Lunchbox and his wife had to handle a difficult situation with TSA.

Lunchbox's wife is still breastfeeding their youngest baby. So while they were away for the weekend, she had to pump milk and hoped to bring it back to Nashville as to not waste it. However, when she went to bring it back with her, the TSA agent made her throw it away rather than bringing it along with her. They tried to explain to the TSA agent that it was breast milk, but the agent wouldn't budge.

So after having to throw it away and making it back to Nashville, Lunchbox called TSA to complain about the incident. When he called TSA, they were vey apologetic about the situation. However, that obviously didn't bring the breast milk back. So TSA promised to at least look into the situation and what happened with that specific TSA agent.