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Lunchbox Thinks Someone Is Messing With His Tires

Lunchbox thinks someone is out to get him because of some recent situations he's had with his car.

Over the past week, Lunchbox had to deal with two separate incidents with a nail in his tire. One of the nails caused his tire to be totally flat. When he took it to the tire store, he asked the employee to let him know if the nail was maliciously placed in his tire or if he's just been having bad luck. Lunchbox assumed it was malicious intent because now that it's happened twice, someone definitely had to do it.

However when the employee came back to Lunchbox after fixing the tire, he said it was just a usual "driving over a nail" situation. The Bobby Bones Show reminded Lunchbox there is construction across the street from work so it's very possible that's where both of his nails went into his tires.