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TMSG: Bengals Fan Saves the Life of a Raiders Fan Before Playoff Game

Being fans of opposite teams didn't stop Jerry Mills, a former firefighter and current emergency room nurse, from saving 78-year-old Ed Fernandez.

Mills traveled from Dallas, Texas to cheer for the Bengals, and Fernandez traveled with his grandson Noah Harsh from Miamisburg, Ohio to cheer for the Raiders. During the pre-game tailgate, Fernandez collapsed and other fans thought he may be having a seizure. Mills rushed to the scene and knew exactly what to do.

After discovering Fernandez didn't have a pulse, Mills started doing CPR right away. Mills worked with another nurse on the scene to stabilize Fernandez. After two minutes of CPR, his pulse returned, but quickly disappeared again. Mills continued CPR chest compressions and the other nurse opened his airways, placed a shirt over his mouth, and gave several rescue breaths. They worked constantly together to help Fernandez stay alive until Cincinnati firefighters arrived on scene and rushed him to the hospital.

Fernandez remains at UC Medical Center with three blockages in his heart. He is is awaiting cardiac bypass and valve surgery.

Photo: Getty Images