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Lunchbox Pitches Show Business Idea With Reservations

Valentine's Day is coming up fast and Lunchbox is already thinking ahead of the holiday on ways to make money.

It's always hard to get reservations at restaurants for special occasions, especially for holidays like Valentine's Day. Because of that Lunchbox came up with a business idea that he pitched to the show members if they would like to make some easy money. Lunchbox went ahead and booked 5 different reservations for Valentine's Day because he's not out of any money as long as he cancels 24 to 48 hours in advance. He said he needs other show members to get in on the business with him though, because he needs more credit cards to put down.

Lunchbox's idea is that he posts the reservations on social media apps and has people pay him $75 for the highly coveted reservation. The Bobby Bones Show walked through all of the different problems that could arise with doing this specific business idea, however Lunchbox still felt confident in it and asked if any show members would like to get in on the business with him. Morgan was the only one that offered to get in on the business, but asked fo 60% of the company and Lunchbox quickly declined the offer.