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Chris Stapleton Officially Released “You Should Probably Leave” for Wife

Chris Stapleton's song "You Should Probably Leave" is current out on country radio. He called into the Bobby Bones Show to share a story behind the song, plus talk to Bobby Bones about his life in high school.

Stapleton grew up in a town called Staffordsville, Kentucky which he says consisted of mostly houses and a post office. While Stapleton is now a famously known artist, that wasn't always the case. He had an uncle that played guitar and Stapleton grew up singing in church with his brother. That brother was also in a popular regional band, so between his several musically inclined family members, Stapleton shared that they were the ones to teach him "chords and things." Despite learning some music talents, Stapleton wasn't known for music in high school. He told Bones he played more sports in high school than he played music, he was a linebacker and a fullback on his school's football team. Sports consumed a lot of his time back then, however he's not a big sports guy anymore. Stapleton admitted he's not sitting around watching games because it makes him sad he can't play anymore. Though, he does love to attend a sporting event whenever the opportunity presents itself. Thankfully Stapleton doesn't have too many injuries he's still dealing with from his sports days. He admitted he deals with some arthritis in his shoulders and none of his fingers are straight.

His pursuit of music in high school turned into a massive career for Stapleton. He last released an album in 2020 called Starting Over. On that record is his current country radio single "You Should Probably Leave." It was actually Stapleton's wife that required this song go on his Starting Over project. She told him that it was time for the song to be officially released into the world after having a "cult following" on YouTube.