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Eddie Questions Current Babysitting Wages

The Bobby Bones Show had a debate today (January 31) about babysitters and what they should be paid.

Eddie was sharing some stories about their babysitting situations. He shared that recently his new babysitter told him and his wife that they can pay her whatever they want. She's young and she would be watching their four kids. Eddie admitted he threw out $10 an hour at first, but his wife thought that was too low. So they ultimately decided to pay their babysitter $15 an hour. He wondered what other people were paying their babysitters so Bobby Bones asked people to share their payments on the show's Facebook page.

We also did some loose research to discover the average babysitter wages based on Google. Bones shared that the average hourly rate for a babysitter is $18 an hour for 1 child, $20 for 2 children, $22 for 3 children, and $24 for 4 children. Amy admitted she's paid someone $10 an hour to watch her kids, but the babysitter was young and more playing with her kids than watching them. Eddie also admitted that they've paid babysitters less than the $15 an hour they did recently with their new babysitter.