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TMSG: 911 Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Girl

Over a weekend in January, Jill Clarken and her husband John called 911 after realizing their baby was coming sooner than expected.

The baby wasn't going to wait for them to get to the hospital. Jill recalled to ABC's Denver 7, "There was a pretty urgent need to get some help because we weren't going anywhere." When they called 911, Fort Collins 911 dispatcher Megan Biberos answered. She assumed she would need to get them through a few minutes until the fire department arrived and helped with delivery.

However, the fire station closest to the Clarkens wasn't available. So Biberos stayed on the phone and used her years of knowledge. John recalled Biberos being very calm throughout the whole situation, "It was just a very calming voice, which I think in turn... made me calm. I mean, if she would have been freaking out, I think I would have been freaking out." Biberos guided Jill and John through the birth of their baby girl Addalyn in a bathroom at their home.

Today, Jill, John, brother Jacob, and baby Addalyn are all doing ok. And for the first time in Biberos' 10-year career in Fort Collins, she got to meet the family on the other line. Jill shared about baby Addalyn, "She's six pounds, two ounces, and she's 19 inches long. She's just a tiny, tiny, little thing with a full head of hair."

Photo: Getty Images