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Bobby Bones Helps Reunite Guy With Stolen OU Gymnast Ring

Listener Austin called into The Bobby Bones Show after hearing all of the talk about Amy and her trying to track down her class ring that got stolen years ago. He had acquired an OU gymnast ring from a co-worker recently and has been trying to get it back to the gymnast. Austin's co-worker told him he had a football ring to sell and Austin loves to buy memorabilia. But when he saw the ring he realized it was a gymnast's, so he purchased it for $40 with a plan to get it back to the original owner.

With the help of Scuba Steve and some social media posts by Morgan, the show got ahold of the owner of the ring, OU Gymnast and Team U.S.A. Elite Gymnast Allan Bower. Bower called into the show and shared that when he was moving back in 2016, someone stole a bunch of items from his truck, including his OU Gymnast ring. He assumed he would never get it back so when he saw the email and social media posts from the show, he was surprised and happy. Bower doesn't plan to pursue anything with whoever stole his items, but he is excited to be getting his ring back.

Photo: Instagram @abowerpower