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TMSG: Stranger Picks Up Dinner Bill for 3 Moms With More Than 20 Kids

Haylee Robuck, Kayla Miller, and Brittney Ward are all foster parents and have a total of 25 kids combined. They decided to take 21 of them to the restaurant Toots West in Tennessee for dinner.

While they were eating, a stranger at the bar overheard their story. The anonymous woman decided to pick up Robuck, Miller, and Wards' entire bill. The women were so happy to know a stranger was so kind to them.

Miller told WSMV, "They assumed that we were doing good, and they paid that forward. So i am sure at one point we will do that to another family."

Maddox added "You know, a person taking the time out to do it out of the goodness of their heart... that's amazing."

Photo: Getty Images