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TMSG: 16-Year-Old Saves Two Teens After They Fell Into Ice Pond

16-year-old Cory Hemberger was playing hockey on a frozen pond in Pennsylvania when he became two boys' hero.

Hemberger was playing hockey with his friend Shawn Miller and they were about to head home when they heard screams for help. They saw a 13-year-old boy had fallen through the ice and his friend was trying to help him. The friend fell in while trying to help so both boys then needed rescuing. Hemberger rushed over to help and decided to use his hockey stick to try and reach the pair.

He was on the edge of the ice with his hockey stick when he could hear the ice cracking. Miller's father Tim was sitting in a truck nearby when he heard all the commotion, he ran down the hill and called 911 as he was getting to the situation. Hemberger was able to rescue the young teen and his friend before the ice cracked. When they were out of the water, the boys were shaken, but declined medical attention.

Photo: Getty Images