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Bobby Bones Gives Two Concert Tickets to Trace Adkins’ Fan Who Got Scammed

Listener Alice called into The Bobby Bones Show to share something that recently happened to her with a social media scam.

She shared with Bobby Bones that a fake Trace Adkins reached out to her on social media asking for some money in exchange for tickets to his concert coming to town. She thought it was the real Adkins and decided to give him over $1,500. She was really bummed about it and wanted to warn other music fans out there to be careful on social media after what happened to her. Bones shared that he couldn't help her get her money back, but he could help in getting her two tickets to Adkins' show that's coming to her city.

Alice was thrilled about the offer from Bones and accepted the tickets. A friendly reminder, no artist is going to be personally asking for you to send them money or gift cards. Please be sure to look for the blue check mark verification on any account.

Photo: Getty Images