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Eddie Won’t Let His Kids Use This Specific Word

During The Bobby Bones Show today (February 4), Eddie shared a recent parenting situation he was in and why he was questioning it.

One of Eddie's kids came home from school and was sharing a story with his dad. The story was about Eddie's son's friend and when he was telling it, he said the word "sucks." Eddie sat there with it for a bit, and ultimately decided to tell him they shouldn't be using that word. After he set the boundary with his son, he questioned if "sucks" really is a bad word, enough that his kids can't use it.

Eddie asked the show their thoughts on the word. Most of the show members thought it wasn't a bad word. Bobby Bones added that if that's what Eddie wants to do with his kids with that word specifically, then that's ultimately his decision. Eddie shared that he never uses that word around his kids, along with any curse word.