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Kane Brown Shares the Reason They Kept His Wife’s Pregnancy a Secret

Kane Brown has had a lot happen recently in his life, he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories about high school, and talk bout why they kept his wife's pregnancy a secret.

When Brown was in high school, he loved to play several sports. However, he moved 6 different times in high school so it wasn't easy to play all of them. At his first high school he played football, basketball, baseball, and track. When he kept moving around he only played basketball and baseball. He admitted that he loved basketball the most, but he was better at baseball. His love for basketball is the reason he's doing NBA Stadium tour this year. In his time as an artist, Brown has gotten to mix his love for music with his love for basketball. He played the NBA Celebrity game 2 years ago and shared a humbling story from the experience. He confessed that he didn't know he had to put himself in the game, so it wasn't until a WBNA player grabbed him and took him in with her that he actually played. Now he just plays basketball with some fellow country artists like Matt Stell and Chris Lane. Brown won't challenge Stell one-on-one though because he's too good and can dunk a lot. Though if someone asks Lane about Brown's basketball skills, he will probably say Brown plays professionally.

On the topic of other country artists, Brown shared that when Chris Young sent him the song "Famous Friends" he immediately fell in love. Brown will perform their collaboration on his tour and he will typically bring out athletes or mascots on stage with him as well as his special guests Chase Rice and Restless Road. One of those athletes was Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs player at Brown's Kansas City show. Since then, Brown and Mahomes have stayed friends, and Mahomes often sends him some of his products from his endorsement deals.

When he was talking about his home life, Brown addressed the reason why they kept his wife Katelyn's second pregnancy a secret. Brown shared that when they got engaged, his fans saw her ring in a video he posted to social media, so his fans announced his engagement. Then again it happened when they had their first baby and they told his brother about the news, he posted it to his socials before Brown and his wife had a chance to announce it. So when it came to this second pregnancy, they wanted it to be special to them and get to share the news on their own terms. It wasn't easy keeping the secret though, they would have to hide everything to make sure nothing showed up in the background of videos. And when they went out in public and Katelyn's belly was showing, Brown had her push the stroller and he's shield her whenever fans came up to them. Brown noted that their daughter Kingsley looks just like his wife, but their new baby Kodi looks much more like him.