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Anonymous Letter Questions Legitimacy of Lunchbox's Reservation Business

Lunchbox's reservation business idea has caused some controversy on the Bobby Bones Show. Last week, he pitched the idea of making reservations at popular restaurants for holidays and selling them for $75. He asked if any show members wanted to get in on his idea. Morgan was the only one willing, but it came at too high of a price for Lunchbox. So he set out to do his reservation business idea on his own.

A few days later, a listener called in from Las Vegas ready to buy one of Lunchbox's reservations. The show never saw the transaction completed so someone on the show felt Lunchbox didn't actually have any reservations made. During the show today (February 4), an anonymous letter was sent to Bones questioning the legitimacy of Lunchbox's reservations. They claimed that Lunchbox doesn't actually have any reservations for Valentine's Day and he was scrambling trying to get a reservation for the Las Vegas listener to sell him.

Lunchbox challenged the anonymous person to come forward and place a $100 bet with him because he "definitely has reservations in different cities." No one came forward and the letter stays anonymous at least for now.