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Lunchbox May Be Getting Scammed With Acting Classes

During the Bobby Bones Show today (February 7), a listener called into the show asking for an update on Lunchbox's acting classes.

Lunchbox shared he's been doing them for over a year now and they're about to get started up again for 2022. While talking about the classes, the show learned that he's been paying $300 a month, meaning he's spent over $4,200 on these acting classes. The classes have been on Zoom ever since Lunchbox started taking them because of the pandemic, however they're still not doing in person work. During the Zoom class, they just read old TV scripts. Lunchbox also revealed that he's not sure the professors qualifications on acting, but he thinks she's taken some classes in order to teach.

He has yet to audition for any acting roles because he confessed he doesn't think he's ready. Because of all the information Lunchbox shared, the show thinks he's getting scammed. They think he's paying a lot of money not to be doing stuff in person, especially with a more qualified teacher.