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Amy, Eddie, & Lunchbox Challenge Each Other to Chug Sparkling Water

The latest challenge on TikTok has users chugging sparkling water in seconds then seeing who can do it without burping. The Bobby Bones Show tried out the challenge on today's show (February 9th) to see if Amy, Eddie, or Lunchbox was capable of beating the challenge.

They each had 15 seconds to chug their sparkling water and then after the chugging, they weren't allowed to burp in order to win Bobby Bones' $20. Amy couldn't take more than a sip before she started laughing, almost throwing up. She burped soon after, eliminating her from the contest. Eddie and Lunchbox both finished their sparkling water quickly and managed to hold down their burps. So Bones took the challenge one step further and had them drink another cup of sparkling water. They were able to keep the water down without any burps on both occasions, so Bones gave them each $20.