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Morgan Shared Her Thoughts After Finishing Season 1 of 'Seinfeld'

Morgan is 28-years-old and never watched the popular TV show Seinfeld. So The Bobby Bones Show tasked her with watching season 1 and 2 before March and sharing updates throughout her binge watching.

During the show today, Morgan shared she's already watching season 1, but isn't into it so far. She confessed that she fell asleep watching episode 4 and 5, so she had to go back and rewatch them. Adding that she's never fallen asleep while watching a TV show or movie for the first time so it doesn't give her the best vibes going into season 2. Morgan noted that some of the references are a bit dated so it's hard for her to relate and she hasn't laughed out loud yet. So far she's given the TV show a rating of 2.5/5 dad jeans.

Bobby Bones told her that season 2 would likely be better as it has a lot of the famous episodes. He thinks she will end up giving it a higher rating around a 3/5.